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Feeling like your horse racing bets aren't going as planned? Losing on wagers you were once sure about?

Choosing a racehorse from your race cards can be a daunting task. But have you ever paused to consider your betting strategy?

When the odds seem to be stacked against you, it might be time to seek some guidance.

Your answer is right here at LIONCITYBET. We're home to the most reliable tips for Singapore Horse Racing.

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Horse racing tips

Bet Only What You Can Afford to Lose

The golden monkey of rules in any betting situation is only to stake what you're comfortable losing.

In the heat of an exciting horse racing game, it's easy to get carried away by the enticing odds offered by bookmakers.

At times, bookmakers impose a minimum bet, which might seem steep. Yet, the potential for substantial winnings, particularly if there's a bonus bet for a closely fought competition, can be tempting.

It might be alluring to side with a popular bookmaker, but without sufficient experience, you could end up in the red.

Regardless of the bookies' lines, always wager within your means.

Betting within your limits is key to success

Make Flexible Bets

In horse racing, the same race can attract multiple runners. Some of the more prominent races even feature over ten contenders.

Such diverse line-ups provide bookmakers with numerous betting options, offering customers a broad array of potential pools, each with different odds.

Be the lucky hero and capitalise on these opportunities.

By spreading your bets across different bookmakers, you increase your chances of success. If one bet falls short, you have other irons in the fire to fall back on.

Adopting this approach allows you to manage the odds and secure the winnings you rightly deserve!

Make your bets flexible

Keep a Betting Record

While it might seem trivial, maintaining a betting record is a key step towards refining your betting strategy.

Recording losses might be a bitter pill to swallow, but these records will provide invaluable insights for your future bets.

With a clear understanding of your betting history, you can identify which categories have yielded the most returns.

These records can then help improve your accuracy for future race meetings. After all, experience is the greatest teacher when it comes to winning at horse races.

It is always advisable to keep a betting record

Form a Versatile Strategy

Horse race betting divides into two main categories: Exotic and Straight.

Exotic bets are typically more challenging, while Straight betting is more accessible and easier to comprehend.

It's essential to have a good understanding of each bet type to increase your potential for significant earnings.

Horse race betting, by nature, is a game of chance. Success hinges on luck, timing, and an effective strategy.

Remember that a lightning strike of victory or a crushing defeat are both possible outcomes. Harness your experience to tip the odds in your favour!

Make your strategy versatile

Race Cards are Your Friend

In every race meeting, you will be provided with a race card. These cards contain crucial information about the runners, including details like the horse's weight, age, and ratings.

Keep a keen eye on these ratings.

As each horse races keenly early in the morning, there's an abundance of runners to choose from, all in good form and raring to go.

So, how do you pick a winner? Which horse has the potential for a super salute at the end of a race?

The highest-rated horse on the race card often has the best shot.

Unlike other sports like football and basketball, where betting on the favourite is often ill-advised, horse racing is a different beast altogether. The favourites in horse racing often dominate due to their pedigree and past accomplishments.

Thus, the horse with the top rank has a decent chance of clinching victory.

For a more nuanced betting strategy, take into account each horse's form and past achievements as mentioned in the race card's details. Whether it's the ace draw summer wind, the wide gate war pride, or the creative dreams of an underdog, each detail could provide a hint towards a winning bet.

By investing in a “sure bet” or a horse that's in good forms, like a dream alliance, you increase your chances of a business class win, similar to their last win in a similar race.

Use a race card